DWI Forum USA – How the U.S. Market Works

Das DWI lädt am 16. Januar 2019 von 10:00 bis 16:00 Uhr in Wiesbaden (IHK Wiesbaden, Wilhelmstrasse 24 – 26, 65183 Wiesbaden) zum ersten Forum USA. Aufgrund der internationalen Ausrichtung der Veranstaltung werden fast alle Vorträge in englischer Sprache gehalten und nicht ins Deutsche übersetzt. Eine Anmeldung ist bis zum 3. Dezember 2018 möglich.  Anmeldegebühr beträgt 75,00€ inkl. MwSt.

Zur Beantwortung Ihrer Fragen stehen Frau Keller (06135-9323-260, carola.keller@deutscheweine.de) und Lisa Richter (06135-9323-263, lisa.richter@deutscheweine.de)

The United States is the world’s largest wine market and has been showing a steady annual growth rate for the past five years. But it is also a market that is not easy to take a foothold. So many rules and regulations, so many different distribution channels, so many consumers to reach.

In our DWI Forum USA we would like to show you how the U.S. market is set up, what to be aware of if you import your wines for the first time. We will talk about packaging, prizing, transport, consumers and much more.

Should you be interested in the U.S. market to export your wine to, register for this forum today. Just link in to the following registration form: http://www.askallo.com/5wu65bd3/survey.html. The registration fee for the U.S. Forum is 75,00 € incl. VAT.

Programm preview:

1. Introduction, Monika Reule, CEO Deutsches Weininstitut

Monika Reule as managing director of the Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI), or German Wine Institute is in charge of the generic marketing of German wine.

2. Export Regulations, Mathias Lex, IHK, Trier

Matthias Lex is a trained forwarding merchant and wine business economist. Since 2014, he has been working at the Trier Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the International and Wine Business Unit. There he advises the companies of the wine industry on wine export issues within Europe and in third countries.

3. How the U.S. Market Works, Steve Melchiskey, USA Wine Imports

Steve founded USA Wine West in 1996 and has worked in vineyards and wineries in California, Hungary, France and New York. His work experience extends to virtually every level of the wine industry, as a retail wine buyer and bottle duster, a wholesale/import operations manager, a wholesale sales representative, and in winery sales and marketing.

Steve is also a licensed attorney and specializes in wine law, assisting wineries, retailers and importers in their contractual, regulatory and licensing issues.


4. Overview of U.S. Market Program 2019 and key highlights from, Bruce Schneider, Wines of Germany U.S.

Bruce Schneider is a third-generation member of his family to work in the wine industry. At RF Binder, Bruce has served as the co-director of Wines of Germany developing and managing trade relations, influencer education, importer liaison and high impact brand-building programs.

5. U.S. Wine Consumer Insights and Packaging Preferences, Wine Intelligence, Richard Healstead / Wilhlem Lerner

6. How to Succeed in U.S. Market, Individual Presentations followed by Panel Discussion

            a. Producer Dr. Dirk Richter, Weingut Max Ferd. Richter

            b. U.S. Importer / c. U.S. Distributor, Gabe Clary, Theise Estate Selections at Skurnik Wines

Prior to joining Skurnik Wines, Gabe worked in restaurants and in retail shops on both coasts. In early 2011, Gabe joined the Terry Theise Estate Selections team. His love of wine and fascination with Riesling is unquenchable.

            d. U.S. Retail Buyer, Maria Garcia, Wine House

Maria is the principal wine buyer for German wines at the Wine House and was formerly a sommelier for several top restaurants in CA. The Wine House is a top U.S. retailer and a very strong supporter of German wines.

            e. U.S. Sommelier, Matthew Kaner from LA

Matthew is Wine Director & Partner of Good Measure LA, Bar Covell, Augustine Wine Bar, and Dead or Alive Bar

7. Tasting of top wines in U.S. market for each price segment demonstrating wine styles & packaging.